Our Current Vacation Highlight is Ketchikan.

Fishing – Salmon – Halibut – Seafood – Lumberjacks – Eagles

Ketchikan was our last stop on our summer cruise in 2022. Norwegian Cruise Line docks at Ward Cove, as opposed to the “main dock” in Ketchikan, so we were further away from the main area, but we enjoyed the shopping center at Ward Cove. With a piano player playing, the mood was set, and we enjoyed our time shopping for souvenirs.

One of the things that we later found out, if you are interested in fishing for halibut, fish in Ketchikan. This was what was found out while on a different excursion, and this came from the captain of the ship, which we will get to shortly.

One of us went experienced Ketchikan’s Best by Land and Sea, but the boat that was supposed to do the sea portion broke down, prior to embarking, but the historic fish cannery was wonderful. The ability to eat fresh sea food was delicious. The other went on the “Bering Sea Crab Fisherman’s Tour” featuring the Aleutian Ballad, seen on Deadliest Catch. This tour took us to several fishing spots where long lines, prawn traps, crab pots, and more were brought aboard, but the bald eagles were the standout of this excursion. And, if you wanted to, you could purchase crab legs onboard for your eating enjoyment. You got to get up close and touch the different things fished for in the waters.

There is also the Lumberjack Show, different state parks with totems, nature walks, rainforest exursions, whale sightings, bear sightings, moose sightings, and more. One thing about Alaska, if you want to experience seafood, it is a wonderful way to experience the area.

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